Bob Dylan Wears a Hard Hat

bob dylan hat Bob Dylan Wears a Hard HatIt’s two of our favorite things: Robert Zimmerman and infrastructure wonkery!

In honor of the minstrel’s 70th birthday, brilliant blog The Infrastructurist has compiled a list of the Top 10 Dylan songs about roads, bridges and levees, wherein “Only those songs with direct titular and lyrical links to infrastructure were considered.” So yes to “From a Buick 6” and “High Water,” no to “On the Road Again.”

Trying to think of similar songs from contemporary favorites, The Observer is coming up short. Dirty Projectors? Radiohead? Devo? No dice–nor concrete. Maybe it’s a WPA Era thing, as Led Zeppelin and even Simon and Garfunkel come to mind. Even Miles Davis wrote Spanish Steps.

No wonder this country’s infrastructure is crumbling. We’re without the appropriate anthems anymore.

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  1. M320753 says:

    these people have way too much time on their hands. if anyone doesn’t know what bob dylan looks like they must be in a coma. also bob would never make a reservation in one of his many aliases

  2. stilettos says:

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