Closing Fire Companies: The Report

fdny report Closing Fire Companies: The Report

A reader passes on the report detailing which firehouses the city may, potentially, close because of financial restraints.

City Councilwoman Margaret Chin of Lower Manhattan is already out with a statement saying considering closing two fire companies in her district “is unconscionable.”

Update: WNYC maps it out.

Update: Councilwoman Crowley, chair of the Fire and Criminal Justice Committee, said, “If the City moves forward with any of these closures, people who could have been saved will die.”


  1. Larry Littlefield says:

     Just remember there is no “cut.”  We will be paying more, for fire protection and otherwise.  But the money will be sucked into the past, to pay for retroactive pension enhancements and debts.  You can see it in the city’s own budget proposal, as discussed here.