Coming Soon: Dude Supplies Delivered Automatically

brawny s Coming Soon: Dude Supplies Delivered AutomaticallyNew project from the dudes behind senior health assistance start-up GetMinders: Guyhaus! Betabeat has heard this idea kicked around by various entrepreneurs for a while–automatic delivery, Fresh Direct style, except for things like black socks which men apparently need to re-up on every six months. Guyhaus is really more focused on monthly supplies: toothpaste, soap, shampoo. “Guy supplies delivered automatically,” the site proclaims. You’ll never have to wipe with Brawny again. They launch next month, co-founder Jesse Middleton told Betabeat. But females use toothpaste too, Betabeat pointed out. What gives? “We have as well. Just not up yet. We’ll wait to launch that until we have a female co-founder,” Mr. Middleton said.