Crotch Photo Tweet Was a Hacker, Rep. Weiner Says, And I’m Calling My Lawyer

weinergate Crotch Photo Tweet Was a Hacker, Rep. Weiner Says, And Im Calling My LawyerScandal on the Twttrs! Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-Brooklyn) Twitter account tweeted a photo of an underwear-ed man’s crotch this weekend, @replying a 21-year old girl in Seattle. The mis-tweet got picked up by conservative websites and Twitter users and has lead to the appropriate catchphrase “Weinergate” and fun headlines like, “Rep. Weiner: I did not send Twitter crotch pic” and “Did Anthony Weiner Tweet a Picture of His Weiner?” (Thanks Gawker.)

Rep. Weiner is consulting with a lawyer about civil or criminal action, he told the Daily News today, but said he’s not devoting too many resources to the social media kerfuffle. “I’m focused on my work,” he said.

No word on how the account could have been “hacked,” although there is a proud tradition of successful “dictionary” attacks on Twitter. In 2009, an 18-year old prankster cracked into several accounts after running through the dictionary until he hit on the password of a Twitter employee: “happiness.”


  1. Is that what the big fuss about? The man said he didn’t send it and the intended recipient said she didn’t receive it, so why the commotion? The media is carrying on as if the man was naked with a 10 year child on his lap. The world is in crisis, let’s focus.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well, the focus is pretty much on irrelevancies.  No one wants to acknowledge we are now borrowing 41% of what we spend.  If you suggest we stop spending on marginal issues (NPR, PBS, Dept. of Education, war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, war in Libya, war in Pakistan, ethanol subsidies, solar subsidies, wind subsidies – this list could go on and on and on) and pay off what we owe, then a whole bunch of vested interests scream like you were castrating them with a rusty razor blade.

      So this guy’s really pathetic crotch is a safer bet to comment on.  Especially since, if you’ve heard him speak, he is really an offensive, self-centered, self-righteous, egotistical, swollen little pr|ck. 


  2. Clipper1160 says:

    Is that it, I thought I would be saying HELLO there no big shakes.