Cuomo Skips a Night of Political Jokes in Albany

Here’s the program for the May 7 show in Albany, where reporters will roast the lawmakers they cover. Along with seeing colleagues in uncharacteristically formal attire, I was looking forward to seeing Andrew Cuomo’s response to the show. (He has, already, demonstrated an ability for using multi-media tactics to make a point while scoring a laugh.)

Cuomo, though, is not participating in the show and not attending the event. According to Ken Lovett and long-time Albany reporters, Cuomo “might be the first first-year elected governor to skip the show in its illustrious history.”

But this does keep in line with Cuomo keeping an extremely low profile and avoiding anything that shows him doing anything other than working.

So, if you have any (not too-offensive) politically-themed jokes, feel free to toss them in the comments section.