Dan Rather Reports to Air “Investigative Report” on Hashable

Dan Rather

Dan Rather, the CBS evening news anchor for 24 years whose contract was not renewed after he aired an investigative report about former president George W. Bush’s military service that was based on documents that turned out to have been forged and who once said journalists “need to ask more tough questions–and keep asking them,” did a story about New York start-up Hashable about the “new tech landscape,” which airs tomorrow.

“Dan Rather Reports presents a revealing behind-the-scenes look at
Hashable – one of the many new social-media startup companies trying to prove they have what it takes to launch a successful social media platform in a highly competitive new tech landscape. Does Hashable have what it takes to break through the clutter? And even if it does, will it make money? Or is all the funding flowing to Hashable and other startups a sign of yet another bubble?” the press release says. “Dan Rather Reports explored these questions speaking to key staff members at Hashable about their motivation, vision, contacts, angel funding, potential users, and–possibly most importantly in today’s world–their buzz.”

The story airs Tuesday on HDNet at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m., but the channel posted two clips from the interview with some hard questions such as, “What’s the potential of the business? You said to me you think it’s unlimited.” “It’s enormous,” CEO Mike Yavonditte answers.

“Dan Rather Reports is hard-edged field reports, in-depth interviews and investigative pieces that emphasize accuracy, fairness and guts,” according to the show’s Twitter account.