Debbie Harry Gets the Giggles at CO-OP Opening

At the opening of the Hotel on Rivington’s CO-OP Food and Drink, The Observer encountered Chloe Sevigny, living in New York once more after the conclusion of her HBO show Big Love, smoking outside. She told us her favorite New York restaurant is kielbasa haven Veselka-“I’m Polish”-and that she was intrigued by CO-OP, if not dying to return. “I might come check it out for dinner… on a quieter night.”

There was nothing quiet about the party, which drew a capacity crowd (including a fur-coated Michael Musto and The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper, spotted in conversation with actor Hugh Dancy). The dining room of the restaurant, a cozy and dark room with walls paneled in portraits of famous scenesters, drew among others famous blondie Debbie Harry and the outré designer Betsey Johnson (both of whose portraits hang on the wall). What’s your favorite restaurant, Ms. Johnson? She laughed, a bit horrified. “Don’t ask me that! I live uptown… it’s embarrassing!”

We asked Ms. Harry, seated at the bar with a male companion and a stiff drink, the same question, and she started to laugh wordlessly. “I’m sorry,” she mouthed, amidst her ecstatic outburst. She fiddled with her purse and tried in vain to compose herself. We tried again-what did she think of today’s pop stars? Her male companion put a bucket of popcorn on his head and pulled clownish faces. It was just that kind of night! :: @DPD_