Democratic State Senator Opposes Legislation from Anonymous State Senator

Around the 6:30 mark, Democratic State Senator Daniel Squadron questions why a series of local bills–ones that extend taxes in areas mostly represented by Republicans–are being sponsored by the Rules Committee, rather than an actual legislator.

“Common practice is that if a senator has a tax-extender in their region, they sponsor the bill,” said Squadron. “Why would the senators from this area” not do that?

“I would suggest that you ask the senators, individually,” said Committee Chairman, Carl Marcellino, a Republican, who called it a common practice.

“This was done when you were in charge, and done before you were in charge and it’s being done now,” he said. “This is not an exception.”

And the name-avoiding continued.

The committee approved the bills, after they conducted a voice vote, which doesn’t leave a paper trail outlining specific senators and how they voted on particular bills.