Dick Ebersol Threw Balls At NBC Upfront Audience Before His Exit

The Hollywood Reporter today has analysis of why Dick Ebersol–the revered head of NBC Sports–resigned his post this week. “There’s a sense that he’s an impetuous, arrogant guy,” an “insider” told THR, one whose small kingdom within the NBC structure, including a devotion to broadcasting the (extremely expensive) Olympics, led to him conflicting with the new Comcast regime. At the NBC upfronts this week, Mr. Ebersol proved that point perfectly. Before delivering a lengthy address on the importance of the upcoming London Olympics to NBC’s image and bottom line (the network reportedly lost hundreds of millions for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics), Mr. Ebersol threw several foam footballs into the crowd of advertisers, journalists, and NBC affiliates, saying he needed “props” to follow comic Jimmy Fallon. He has a good arm, and several in his line of fire dove for the cheap pieces of swag, though others seemed perplexed at Mr. Ebersol’s introducing levity into a late act in a bloated NBC presentation. “Last time I did this, I ruined someone’s $1500 suit!,” Mr. Ebersol grinned, as though he knew he had nothing to lose.

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