Ex-Engadget Crew Will Work in Union Square, Launching Tech Site in Fall

next podcasters1 Ex Engadget Crew Will Work in Union Square, Launching Tech Site in Fall

Nilay Patel, Paul Miller and Josh Topolsky.

Engadget veterans and gadget fetishists/heroes Josh Topulsky, Nilay Patel and Paul Miller started work “a few weeks ago” on a consumer tech site that will launch under the sports-centric SB Nation brand, SB Nation CEO Jim Bankoff tells Beet TV, and will be setting up an office in Union Square.

Already, sources are leaking information to the Engadgeters’ interim project, thisismynext.com, the crew’s informal gadget podcast and blog. They’ve also been joined by former Engadget reviews editor Joanna Stern and former Engadget writers Ross Miller, and Chris Ziegler.

The former Engadget editors cited various reasons when they left AOL, including conflict with the parent company over the infamous “AOL way” commoditization of content.

The editors are preparing content–“plans, writing all sorts of reviews and other things”–while the company works to finalize the publishing platform and the site, Mr. Bankoff said. The new site, whose name has not been announced, is scheduled to launch “the next great tech publication” in the early fall.