Gary Vaynerchuk Explains “99.5% of Social Media Experts Are Clowns” Comment

biz clown Gary Vaynerchuk Explains 99.5% of Social Media Experts Are Clowns CommentGary Vaynerchuk dissed 99.5 percent of “social media experts” in a TechCrunchTV interview last week, so of course TechCrunch ran the quote in the post’s headline. The statement got some blowback on TechCrunch and Twitter, where the readership overlaps with professionals who call themselves social media experts (and are clowns).

“I’m watching a lot of small companies hiring people who are social media experts. I think this needs to be debated,” Mr. Vaynerchuk explained in a video posted on Sunday. “People who look the part, speak the part, definitely read a lot of content on the part, and then come into the business and don’t really know what to do. “

Social media professionals need business experience in order to be effective, he said.

The comment was a little bit hyperbolic, he admitted, but he wanted to “spur a conversation.” “People without chops hurt the space dramatically,” he said, comparing the damage caused by bumbling “social media experts” to the damage black-hat tactics do to the reputation of the field of search engine optimization.