Gilt Groupe Begins Selling Overpriced Food With Help From Ruth Reichl

ruth reichl Gilt Groupe Begins Selling Overpriced Food With Help From Ruth ReichlNow that is has a dedicated audience of wealthy, compulsive shoppers locked in, Gilt Groupe is experimenting with high end groceries, hold the discounts please.

Gilt Taste, which just launched in Beta, is aiming to be an online zine for luxury food shoppers, featuring former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl above the jump on the homepage. In the side bar of recipes there are also articles like What Will Fracking Do To Your Food Supply, about the effect of the controversial drilling practice on your $159.00 D’Artagnan game bird variety pack.

“If this was just a catalogue of products—no matter how wonderful—I wouldn’t want to be involved,” wrote Reichl. “What makes Gilt Taste unique is that it’s a new kind of magazine, one that has no ads and is supported solely by sales. We don’t just want to sell you great products—we want to tell you the stories of the people who create them and inspire you with delicious new ways to use them.

A survey on Gilt Taste at the discount blog is currently running a little more than two to one with most voters deciding, “No waaay, too pricey – just hit Whole Foods instead.” But with overnight shipping and direct from the source guarantees, Gilt Taste may be hoping to find its audience among the overworked, overpaid crowd who find fresh direct a little gauche.