How Would You Make New York State Government Less Fat ?

Governor Cuomo launched a new web site focusing on government consolidation — something he said could lead to better services and lower taxes for New Yorkers.

On the site is a link to where you can “submit a suggestion” for improving government efficiency. If you have any, send them here too. I’m curious.

Cuomo has complained that New York has thousands of taxing authorities (school districts, water districts, sanitation districts, etc.) and that combining these would lower taxes that are trampling New Yorkers.

The problem is, many of these authorities are local patronage depots, so, local officials are reluctant to give them up. More importantly, residents feel a sense of connection — if not owenership — over the authorities in their backyard. So, arguing simply for “consolidation” doesn’t do as well as when you describe the move as simply increasing efficiency, according to a recent Marist poll.