Interview with Designer Behind ‘Yo Zuck’ Tumblr

Youssef Sarhan

Youssef Sarhan thinks about Facebook a lot. For example: “I was at a birthday party this weekend, everyone had a camera and hundreds if not thousands of photos were taken. But where are all these photos? Well, they are dispersed among all my friends profile pages. So I was thinking… What if you could tag a photo, video or entire album to an event so it would appear on the event’s page. This would give folks a go-to place for all things after-party.” Most Facebook users probably have a few complaints or suggestions for the social network, but Mr. Sarhan is addressing his concerns directly to its CEO: “Yo Zuck! Implement this.”

That’s from Mr. Sarhan’s Tumblr of Facebook suggestions, “Yo Zuck!,” which has 13 suggested features or tweaks for Facebook illustrated with animated wireframes. Facebook has already started talking to Mr. Sarhan (no job offer yet) after being intrigued by some of his ideas. So far Mr. Sarhan has suggested everything from anniversary reminders to a Facebook browser.

1. Who are you?

My name is Youssef Sarhan, I am a 23 year old designer from Dublin, Ireland. Last year, I graduated from The National College of Art & Design, here in Dublin, Ireland. I have a curiosity for all things creative, I’ll turn my hand to anything. At present I am a designer at an enterprise-level CMS Firm, working on User Interface, UX and Brand design.

2. How do you distinguish between what should be integrated into Facebook and what should be an app?

Before you can answer that you need to ask what overall direction the product should be taking. At present new features aim for a 100 percent uptake, I’d like to see Facebook developing features for groups of individuals not just all individuals.

3. Are you going to try to build any of these things you’ve suggested?

I’ll leave that to them.

4. What do you think Facebook will look like in five years?

That’s kind of like asking me what it’s like to play golf on the moon, I have absolutely no idea but it sounds awesome. Five years is a long long time in tech, I don’t think Facebook are even sure what it’ll be like in five years.

My own hunch would be that Facebook will align itself more with online commerce. Huge potential for growth in that area. Think, Facebook Shops.

5. I speculated that Facebook might want to offer you a job… did they? Would you want to work there?

I can’t predict the future, so let’s see what happens.

6. How did Facebook find your Tumblr?

The internet is awesome.

Interview with Designer Behind ‘Yo Zuck’ Tumblr