iPod Nano Watches–Kickstarter’s Most Successful Project–Coming to Apple Stores This Week

ipod watch iPod Nano Watches  Kickstarters Most Successful Project  Coming to Apple Stores This WeekChicago-based designer Scott Wilson put his design for two iPod Nano watches–one where the iPod is removable and one not–on Kickstarter after reading about it in articles and from a friend. He and his design team hoped to raise $15,000 in 30 days; they ended up raising $941,718.

And this week Apple retail stores in North America will start stocking the watches, Fast Company reports.

Mr. Wilson chose to put the project on Kickstarter because he wanted to retain control of it, he told us in December. “There are investment backers that I could have partnered with, but you run the risk of giving up some creative control and equity when you partner,” he said in an email.

For Mr. Wilson’s firm, retaining artistic control over the awkwardly-spelled TikTok and LunaTik watches paid off.

He also tipped a hat to Kickstarter’s design. “I think [Kickstarter] is an amazing platform and the most well-architected one of its kind I have seen out there.”

“Next time I’m chilling at the Genius Bar, I’ll make sure to find the TikTok, tap some stranger on the shoulder, and say, ‘See this? This was a Kickstarter project,'” Kickstarter’s Mike McGregor wrote on the company’s blog today.