It’s Free to Look: Central Air! Central Air! Central Air!

There is a certain jadedness that sets in surfing this much house porn. Every fabulous co-op in Gotham has amenities, and countertops of certain gradients, and there is always a fourth or fifth bedroom tucked away somewhere that’s more sizable in itself than the majority of studio apartments in the city. And tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

So this Corcoran listing at 988 Fifth seemed little different: A luxury full-floor in a J.E.R. Carpenter-designed gem with, per the listing, things like a master bedroom that has “three exposures and fireplace,” or bathrooms that “utilize the most classic materials in a modern manner and are capable of working within any style interior,” or having “all rooms offer high ceilings, oversized windows and central air conditioning.”

Wait. Wha? Central air conditioning? As May bleeds to June, which turns into July, which becomes unbearable August?

The place costs $20 million, with common charges near five grand. Not cool. Still, refreshing.