Jim Cramer Especially Mad, Will Make ‘Haters’ ‘Pay’ by Blocking Entry to Elk’s Club

Mad Money host Jim Cramer is having a rough Friday – or as Zero Hedge would have it, a “nervous breakdown” – as evidenced by his Twitter feed, on which he’s gone berserker, as the Nordic would have it.

Financial shoutcreature Cramer apparently took umbrage with an arbitrary call-out stemming seemingly from nowhere; a 27 year-old trader named Chris from Bridgewater, New Jersey took a side-shot at Cramer by noting his speculation on the future of Goldman Sachs. Cramer took umbrage with Chris’ characterization of Cramer’s position, and it all went downhill from there:


And then, finally:

For the record, the Elk’s Club can in fact banish people, but not first without a trial. As a reminder, Jim Cramer just threatened to blacklist a 26 year-old trader from Bridgewater, New Jersey from the Elk’s Club because he pissed Jim Cramer off on Twitter.

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