Microsoft Now Directing Mobile Users to Bootleg Foursquare App

4th and mayor Microsoft Now Directing Mobile Users to Bootleg Foursquare AppThe tepid response to the new line of Windows 7 smartphones can be blamed, at least in part, on the sad state of app ecosystem.

Microsoft faces a sort of Catch-22: developers are unlikely to devote their resources towards Windows 7 till its a proven market, and the market won’t expand unless there is healthy number of apps.

This can lead to some awkward situations. Microsoft paid the development costs to ensure Foursquare was part of their initial launch. But the app quickly fell behind the updated versions for Android and iOS and even stopped working for many users back in March.

Yesterday Microsoft changed the download link to the Foursquare app and began officially pointing users to 4th and Mayor, a popular third party created by Foursquare fan, and Microsoft employee, Jeff Wilcox.

When your own employees are the only one who care enough to keep popular apps up to date, perhaps because they are the only ones using your phone, its time to start priming the pump again with some cold hard cash.