NYC to Boston: We R in Ur City, Stealin Ur Engineerz

raiding party NYC to Boston: We R in Ur City, Stealin Ur EngineerzAs part of its blossoming love affair with innovation, the city’s Economic Development Committee is sending an elite squad of start-ups and venture capitalists to Boston this Thursday to try and poach as many talented engineers as possible.

More than 150 students from top schools like Harvard, Brown and MIT have already signed up for the event. The recruiters will include NextJump, FourSquare, GiltGroup, Hashable, TheLadders and MyCityWay. On the venture side FirstMark Capital, RRE Ventures and Union Square Ventures are making the trip.

“I’m going there to sell them on our city, because at the end of the day you gotta live a little,” says FirstMark CEO Lawence Lenihan.  “Cambridge is alright, beats the crap out of Lowell, but it’s not New York.”

The EDC, which has been criticized by some in the community as a johnny-come lately, certainly seems to have loosened its tie for this event, providing Betabeat with the 4Chan style headline above. “It’s nice to see the EDC getting a little swagger,” says Lenihan. “Momentum counts for a lot in this game.”

Depending on how you read the tea leaves, Boston and New York are second and third tier start-up scene behind Silicon Valley. Dan Primack of Fortune, who lives in Beantown, says Boston has always led, still does and it’s not even close. The EDC, of course, prefers to point at data from NYC based CB Insights, which shows NY beating Boston.