Overheard in Monmouth: Christie’s town hall sound-bites

MANALAPAN – Gov. Chris Christie has more than three dozen town halls under his belt and still is keeping the audience engaged and laughing on serious issues. How?

Well, one way is his sound-bites, many of which are off-the-cuff remarks that land the governor in an 8-second clip on the news or a 2-minute track on YouTube.

Some of the odds-and-ends overheard today:

– “Who the hell elected him,” on Supreme Court Justice Barry Albin, pertaining to Albin’s remarks on the millionaire’s tax in the context of the Abbott school funding case.

– “That’s a new one,” responding to a question on whether intelligent design should be taught alongside evolution in science classes. Christie said local officials should make curriculum decisions.

– “Oh, Jesus,” in response to a woman who asked what he would do about gas prices if he was elected president. “You know Josephine,” he said, “with all due respect, I got enough damn problems in New Jersey… And you’re breaking my chops about gas taxes.”

– “We don’t need legislation,” on the potential to take the state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which is being examined by the Board of Public Utilities as part of the state’s energy master plan. “Those (repeal) bills don’t seem to be moving at the moment,” he said.

– “I love when you boo when I say that; I got an ego like everybody else,” after repeating for the umpteenth time that he won’t be running for president.

– “They want that money they’re going to have to come and get it,” on the federal bill for work on the ARC Tunnel. “I ain’t payin’ it,” he told a questioner. “That’s all?” the woman asked. “Yeah, that’s all,” he said. “We’re going to go to court.”


Overheard in Monmouth: Christie’s town hall sound-bites