Paul Graham Hosting Public Office Hours for Six Start-Ups at TechCrunch Disrupt: Apply Now

paul graham Paul Graham Hosting Public Office Hours for Six Start Ups at TechCrunch Disrupt: Apply Now

Photo credit: D. Story/J. Blanchard/O'Reilly Media

Start-ups can apply to get 8.5 minutes of Y Combinator-style advice from start-up legend Paul Graham at TechCrunch Disrupt. Mr. Graham likes to talk about “the most urgent question right now” for the company, usually what they should be building. But if the company is in a moment of doubt–considering a pivot or unsure about what they need to work on–the discussion is broader. “We have these types of conversations surprisingly often,” Mr. Graham writes. The catch: The discussion takes place on stage for a very public version of what’s usually an intimate conversation.

Six startups will be selected and will join Paul on stage on Tuesday at 11:45. Each startup will get 8.5 minutes on stage, enough for a couple of questions with meaningful feedback.

TechCrunch and Mr. Graham will draw up a short list of applicants, and Mr. Graham will make the final choice. The start-ups will be selected at the beginning of the session and must be prepared to walk on stage immediately if they are called. The very basic application–company description, summary of current status, number of founders–is on TechCrunch.

Public office hours will have a different flavor than the ones Y Combinator companies get (YC companies and neither start-ups demo’ing during the Battlefield session are not eligible) but the chance to 1) get in front of Paul Graham, 2) ask him questions and 3) get huge exposure should be enough to draw an overwhelming number of applications.