‘Playboy’ Editor Jimmy Jellinek Gets Crabs From VF Contributor Christopher Tennant

Christopher Tennant has spent more than a decade swimming in the treacherous waters of glossy magazine land, including stints at Talk, Radar and the Daily Front Row, as well as a short-lived adventure as the poor sucker charged with making Vanity Fair a meaningful presence online.

He’s captured some of that animal savagery in Aquatic Cases, a collection of dioramas showcasing undersea vignettes (think, the squid and the whale, but smaller). The taxidermied menagerie, which went on display at Haus Interior Monday night, included angelfish, spider crabs, blow fish, urchins and Japanese flatheads (and that was just the art!).

The crowd, which spilled onto Elizabeth Street, included Anthony Haden-Guest, Bob Morris, and Playboy editorial director Jimmy Jellinek, who bought two of the boxes (they were a steal at $1325 a piece). By the end of the evening, the show was a sell-out. Noted essayist Sloane Crosley: “Only Tennant could put all his crabs in a box and get them all out of his hair in one night.”