Rajaratnam Trial Might Never End

112791398 Rajaratnam Trial Might Never EndThe Raj Rajaratnam trial, which has been going since March 8, is now starting to take a toll on health. Jury deliberations will begin anew after a 70-year-old juror had to be dismissed yesterday for medical reasons.

Raj Rajaratnam, the hedge fund manager awaiting a verdict on charges of insider trading, has also been absent with a medical problem, suffering through what has been called an “emergency foot surgery” on Sunday morning. Mr. Rajaratnam’s lawyer said his client had contracted a bacterial infection in his foot.

“It is hoped that he will be recovered sufficiently to return to the courthouse this week,” wrote his attorney, John Dowd, in a statement posted on Mr. Rajaratnam’s web site, RajDefense.org. Mr. Dowd described the surgery as a “medical and personal matter.”


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