Rare Update From Diaspora: We’re Going to “Go Faster”

diaspora logo Rare Update From Diaspora: Were Going to Go Faster“The next order of business is to state clearly ‘what we are all about,'” Diaspora wrote today in a blog post commemorating a year of work on what was touted as the anti-Facebook. “Watch this space.”

The last we heard from Diaspora, the four kids from NYU who raised more than $200,000 on Kickstarter on a proposal for $10,000 to build an open-source, decentralized version of Facebook. The start-up launched a site in alpha in November which was not well-received; people complained that it was just a “pretty Rails app” and that the process for setting up a Diaspora server, one of the most anticipated features, was impossibly complicated. The next update from the company came in January, which basically said, “hi people who gave us money, we’re working on it.” At some point the four founders moved to San Francisco to work out of Pivotal Labs there.

More than anything, our user feedback has been ‘go faster.’ So go faster is what we are going to do. If we are going to make Diaspora successful, we need the support from lots of different people. Recently we have been focused on reaching out to different groups and organizations, and seeing what we can do to get more people involved and invested in Diaspora. While it takes time away from coding, talking about Diaspora helps hone our vision, and gets even more people excited about what we are doing.

We certainly have not been good at updating people on our work, so unless you have been following us on GitHub, you are probably wondering where we are going. Diaspora is a long-term endeavor, and is about an idea bigger than a single feature set or trend. We are working on an outline of what we have learnt so far, and where we see Diaspora going in the next year. We look forward to sharing it with you.