Roundup: Bloomberg Picks a Taxi, Cuomo Snubs Reporters

9/11: Obama will be in NYC. [Javier Hernandez]

Bin Laden Book: Peter Begen gets it started. [Ujala Sehgal]

Bin Laden Photos: White House may release them. [Helene Cooper]

Bin Laden Photos: Some seem to be out already. [Flickr]

Bin Laden Fallout: Will this spark a debate about the death penalty? [Adam Dickter]

Headline: Interesting front pages from around the world today. [Flickr]

Media Snub: “Cuomo to LCA Show: Drop Dead” [Liz Benjamin]

Media Snub: No excuse given; response from Skelos, Klein, Savino. [Ken Lovett]

Tax Problems: Former top aide to Rangel admits not filing taxes from 2003-2009. [John Eligon]

Tuition Hikes: State budget official “confirms that CUNY tuition increase is illegal.” [Jana Kasperkevic]

Fund-Raisers: A GOP who supports Trump and Clinton, raises money for Schneiderman. [Liz Benjamin]

Same-Sex Marriage: Cuomo de-emphasizes the timetable. [Nick Reisman]

Same-Sex Marriage: “Optimistic that marriage equality will pass,” says Cuomo. [Glenn Blain]

Health Regulations: Jeff Klein warns of doctors wearing jewelry. [Celeste Katz]

New NYC Taxis: “Culture shock;” “The vehicle will have a transparent glass roof, interior floor lighting, a deployable entry step, exterior lights that flash when the van’s doors open, and independent, passenger-controlled climate controls.” [Michael Grynbaum]

New Taxi Pic: Bloomberg makes the introduction. [Edwward Reed]

NYC Budget: “Overwhelming majority” of Council members oppose Bloomberg’s cuts to child care funding. [Brooklyn Daily Easgle]

Pics: Bloomberg, Diana Taylor and famed NYT photog Bill Cunningham. [Kristen Artz]

Pics: Blomberg and Salma Hayek. [Kristen Artz]

And de Blasio notes companies that get big tax breaks also spend a lot on politics. [Amanda Terkel]

Roundup: Bloomberg Picks a Taxi, Cuomo Snubs Reporters