Roundup: Cuomo Visits Lake Placid, King Eyes The White House

hayworth Roundup: Cuomo Visits Lake Placid, King Eyes The White House

Same-Sex Marriage: “I am doing everything I can,” to pass it, says Cuomo, after speech in Lake Placid. [Ken Lovett]

Same-Sex Marriage: “Bloomberg reportedly stormed out of a meeting with senate Republicans this afternoon looking very unhappy.” [David King]

Same-Sex Marriage: “What homosexuals want is comparable to insurance companies demanding that they too be recognized as churches.” [D.C. Innes]

Schumer’s Tactic: What the senator means when he says he feels “sorry” for someone. [Josh Benson]

Tax the Rich: Teachers union praises Silver’s effort. [NYSUT]

Tax Cap: Silver floats a sunset provision. [Jon Campbell]

Investigations: Editors praise Schneiderman’s look at “the mortgage mess.” [New York Times]

Closing Firehouses: Endangered fire houses still not specified. [Jonathan Lemire]

Rent Regulations: “Most of the people I knew who had rent controlled apartments were, in fact, extremely affluent.” [Megan McArdle]

Regulating Wall Street: “It’s different than just being a prosecutor,” says Ben Lawsky. [Capital Tonight]

Disclosure: 3% of Sprint / Nextel shareholders vote to disclose companies political donations. [John Liu]

Schools: Teachers launch “Students First: The Reality Tour.” [Nick Reisman]

NY26: Rep. “Jane Corwin is the only endorsed Tea Party candidate and the only candidate who will stand up to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi,” says Rep. Allen West in a robocall. [Liz Benjamin]

2012: Rep. King isn’t saying no. [AP]

Media Critic: The Secret Service? [Adrian Chen]

Media Critic: MSNBC’s Ed Schultz yells at someone on the left. [Twitter]

Gaffes: Gingrich tries getting past his “right-wing social engineering” remark. David Gregory doesn’t take it personally. [Michael Calderone]

On the Record: “Gingrich is known for speaking impulsively” says Rep. Hayworth. Also says she likes NPR, despite voting to unfund it. [LoHud]

Pics: Blumenthal and a military veteran. [Flickr]

Pics: Bloomberg and Quinn. [Kirsten Artz]


  1. Anonymous says:

     Azi- King eyes the White House РThat is false advertising or blogging LOL

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    The Legislative Budget is Too Damn High