Roundup: ‘SafeHouse’

President Obama Lays Wreathe at Ground Zero

President Obama Lays Wreathe at Ground Zero. Photo Credit: William Alatriste

White House: Netanyahu to visit on May 20. [JTA]

WikiLeaks: WSJ launches its own version. []

WikiLeaks: NYT and Guardian working on their own versions; WSJ passed at major WikiLeaks dump. [Joe Pompeo]

Ground Zero: “On one part, it feels like it was years ago, and on another part it feels like it was just yesterday” said Brooklyn fireman. [Manny Fernandez]

Ground Zero Arrest: “The man was walking his bike toward the World Trade Center, saying ‘Secret Service, Secret Service… Coming through.’ ” [Bob Kappstatter]

Pics: Bloomberg directs Obama, Cuomo, Christie and Ground Zero. [Edward Reed]

Pics: Obama, wreath and uniformed officers, at Ground Zero. [Edward Reed]

Pics: Graphic images from bin Laden compound, after Seal invasion. [Reuters]

Same-Sex Marriage: Diaz doesn’t like El Diario’s support for it. [Jimmy Veilkind]

GOP Dinner: June 2 event postponed. [Liz Benjamin]

Lobbying Albany: $200 million in 2010. [Nick Reisman]

Roundup: ‘SafeHouse’