SecondMarket: We Only Trade Private Stock With Company’s Permission [LIVESTREAM]

SecondMarket is hosting a half-day conference on the shadowy world of private stock trades–the sale of investor and employee shares in companies that have not gone public yet–in San Francisco right now. The conference spans the virtues of the secondary market vs. going public, the legal issues involved and how SecondMarket conducts business generally.

SecondMarket has been getting attention lately because it brokered trades in Facebook and Twitter, companies with multi-billion dollar valuations that have a while to go before an initial public offering.

SecondMarket works with the companies whose stock it’s trading, CSO Jeremy Smith said. If the company doesn’t want its stock traded, SecondMarket won’t touch it. “There has only been one company that has said that and we honor that… that’s the only way to have a sustainabile secondary market.”

The conference is streaming right now on Livestream.

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