Security firings at PVSC

NEWARK – Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission Director Wayne Forrest fired another 18 employees at the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission – and more are on the way, according to insiders.

A source said most of the people jettisoned today were in the security division.

State Street Wire reporter Timothy J. Carroll reported that Gov. Chris Christie said the firings were based on a few disconcerting facts.

“We had a head of security,” Christie said, making $130,000 per year, “who never worked in law enforcement.”

He continued: “And they also found that lots of publicly paid-for materials were growing legs and walking off,” thousands of dollars in raw materials.

“The security folks – we had a dozen of them – never saw it,” Christie said, and so they were fired.

He said a retired major from the state police will be taking over in the interim.

Security firings at PVSC