Spring Fling, Flung Past: Harry Josh’s Party Hits Reportorial Roadblock

mickey rourke Spring Fling, Flung Past: Harry Joshs Party Hits Reportorial RoadblockChatting with Mickey Rourke at Harry Josh’s Spring Fling party at the Hiro Ballroom, we mentioned we were eagerly anticipating his forthcoming film Passion Play.

“You shouldn’t be,” he replied. “It’s terrible.” Mr. Rourke had apologized in April for making similar comments about the film, claiming he’d been “in a shitty mood.” Now, with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (star of the next Transformers sequel) and her boyfriend, Jason Statham, standing nearby, he was at it again.

“I don’t know if you’d even want to watch a slide show of that,” he elaborated.

Mr. Josh, the famed hairstylist and party host, was determined to control the press this time around. “Last year it got really crazy, and someone was, like, asking Ashley Olsen questions,” Mr. Josh told the Transom. “She was like, ‘I didn’t realize there would be press here,’ and she left.” This was conveyed in tragic tones.

Like other outlets, the Transom had been invited to cover the Fling, and like other outlets, we were given strict instructions with ominous overtones: “Blend in. Do not bother the celebrities. Observe-you’re good at that, Observer.”

Observe we did: Jay-Z and Will Smith arrived together and were promptly whisked out of visible territory. How about Fergie? A gaggle of men surrounded her booth, watching her sing along to Usher, squealing at the scene they obscured.

Ashley Olsen was giving the party another go. Sometime after, she nearly fell to the ground in an embrace with Mr. Josh, he whispered in her ear, gesturing toward the Transom. Ms. Olsen sprinted toward the door and was gone.

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