Super Stealth Startup Kohort: It’s a Community Management Tool

kohort Super Stealth Startup Kohort: Its a Community Management ToolMark Davis, entrepreneur turned venture capitalist turned entrepreneur, has been teasing the tech scene for months now with a service called Kohort.

Turns out Kohort is taking aim squarely at one of New York’s oldest start-ups, Meetup, with a new set of community management tools.

Interestingly, the lead investor on this business is IA Ventures, which has a thesis built around the value of big data. On the surface Kohort seems to be focused on a platform that helps people organize and communicate–email lists, questions forums, membership directories, etc.

Perhaps underneath the activity Kohort will be working to generate recommendations for how to structure groups based on what they derive from all of the engagement data.

Davis acknowledged that this is a crowded space with a lot of big entrenched competitors. He thinks Kohort’s advantage will be its diversity of tools. Seeding the space will be TechStars, Startup Weekend and the enormous Arizona State University.