The Adderall Panic of 2011!

adderallxr 15mg The Adderall Panic of 2011!Okay, this is a real problem,” began a frenzied email to the Transom. “Brian,” who works at a fashion magazine in Manhattan, was distraught, explaining: “I had a horror of a time filling my last scrip. Duane Reade and CVS are both fucked citywide.”

“Brian” was referring to his prescription of Adderall XR. A shortage of Adderall – an amphetamine ostensibly used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder – was recently reported by the Wall Street Journal. A deadstock crisis is notable for the potential to wreck havoc on creative classes, students of all ages (during finals!), and then, of course, people actually prescribed it.

Adderall manufacturer Shire PLC blames the FDA for not boosting supply of amphetamine in December. The FDA has shrugged off responsibility, explaining that they did, in fact, approve the proper amount. 

“Yeah, we don’t have that,” said Sam, a pharmacy associate at a nearby Duane Reade, when asked if a 30mg Adderall XR prescription could be filled there. “I’m not sure what’s going on. All I know is the pharmacist said it wasn’t there.” Calls to other Duane Reades around Manhattan yielded various results: some were “expecting a shipment,” others curiously explained that they only carry it on a customer-by-customer basis.

A woman at another location asked how much we needed: “Twenty? Yeah, I have enough.” The Duane Reade pharmacist near “Brian’s” office explained:

“[It’s] very hard to get. It’s been unavailable for a while. Other stores are calling me. I’ve got an order coming in on Thursday; we’ll see what happens. Right now, I’m out or low on [most kinds],” but, he explained, did have the generic brand. Some insurers, however, will only pay for the brand-name drug. Making matters worse: Shire actually supplies the generic version themselves, too. 

“Brian” concluded: “This is a crisis of the creative class. The Adderall panic of 2011! It’s a worse problem than BIKE LANES.”

The Transom can’t agree more, finding it more and more difficult to focus every day, and then sometimes Tumblr goes down, and the pretzel bowls go empty, and we sit here and think, oh, a goldfish would go really nicely in that bowl, and then someone yells at us for letting the bowl stick around and not recycling it, usually Carlos, or whoever, and he’s right, even though who really recycles in Manhattan? They all say they do but come on, which also reminds us that we should probably get to know people better, not just people, but you know, people

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  1. Jason Riddle says:

    Adderall, where are you? I am sooooo tired.

  2. Joad says:

    This is actually not funny at all. Those with serious ADD are going to suffer immensely painful withdrawal symptoms. The last time I went without, I wanted to shoot myself for a week and my girlfriend left me. Maybe the FDA should do more than ‘shrug’ … Also, how can one company provide both the generic and the name brand for the same drug? … Shady shade.

  3. Iceman94 says:

    I am getting the last of the 10’s (Core Pharm Generic Regular/Not XR in the borough of queens. I am not happy as I usually get 20’s but they are nowhere to be found.

    1. Anonymous says:

      What are you talking about? Small, independent pharmacies still have it. I’m in Queens and you most certainly did not get the last of it. I get 20s too and they still have it. Just don’t go to the idiot Duane Reades, CVS, Rite-Aids.

  4. Vhcbridal says:

    I finally found a drug that works for me and they take it away. This weeks board meetings should be ……OOOOH look a squirel!

    1. Patrick says:

      I know what you mean.  I’m a college student and finals are com–aww lookit the kitty!

  5. Dr. Philip K. Stanton says:

    Consider this a blessing in disguise.  Of course ingesting speed (aka amphetamine salts) helps with many things e.g., getting s@#% done!  But no one really NEEDS it.  Drugs like this are miracles at first but lead to serious side effects later.  If you truly want to be free of your label (A.D.D.) then focus on natural things.  Watch ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’ and see how a 41 year old male who took prednisone in high doses for 10 years was able to transform his mind, restore his health and kick the zombie gesture that be pill popping.  

    Be honest people : )

    1. nvam says:

      That’s just stupid to say, buddy.  The levels taken for ADD are nothing compared to abuse levels, and there are no side effects, including stopping (other than sleeping a lot or getting really hyperactive — and rude).  And you compare it to abusing prednisone!!!? If you are a physician, you are incompetent, and if you are not, you are an idiot. Comparing safe levels of an amphetamine to excess levels of a steroid??

    2. a.helen says:

      Serious side effects later?  No one needs it?  Are you kidding me?  You call yourself a physician? I have been prescribed, LEGALLY, to Adderall for over 10 years.  It not only gives me the ability to make straight A’s but has significantly helped with my depression that I have been battling since middle school.  You think no one really NEEDS it?!  Going from having thoughts of hopelessness and feeling worthless, not having the strength nor the WANT to get out of bed or even carry on a simple conversation (or even read a BOOK!) due to the terribly short attention span and KNOWING you won’t remember a thing,  to being aware and WANTING to engage in my surroundings, to having the feeling that I’m actually doing SOMETHING in my life…I think that’s a need.

      How dare you call yourself a physician and say that we are using this as some sort of scapegoat and that we should focus on natural remedies.  You must be one of those who think Bipolar and depression are just “in the mind” and that we can “get over it”.  Well you know what, it’s NOT just in the mind and nor is ADD and ADHD.  People who seriously have this, like myself, STRUGGLE to even get out of bed in the morning.  Adderall has done nothing but boost my confidence and make me focused.  It has saved me from suicidal thoughts and makes me feel like a better, motivated person.

      Shame on you.  I feel sorry for your patients.

      1. Johntk says:

        Dr. Doesn’t mean Physician…..this guy probably has a PhD in ‘The Breeding Patterns of Cross-eyed Termites’. …

      2. Sts9Metameme says:

        I agree with the Doc.  I have many friends who have “ADD” in college and have scripts for the miracle drug.  Just because something works for you today does not give you the right to expect it forever.  I am not qualified to say you dont ‘need’ it, however I would recommend enriching your life in different ways.  A red flag is when your gf left you because you were not on adderall.  I hope you receive therapy in addition to your script o’ magic addies.  Are you pissed that an actual doctor has a problem with writing a script and sending you off to live your shitty life?  Im sure this guy cares and understands that if someone seriously cannot function without a drug in their system everyday, there has to be more than meets the eye.

      3. Anonymous says:

        …WOW!  Super Post…You are a fucking idiot.  Grab a 30mg and write it again.  My overactive frontal lobe and Dopamine Chasing mind are unable to translate this garbage.  I want to re-write it for you and sort thru all of the HATE but wait…Using my brain chemistry to help you write is nothing short of a waste.  I should absolutely save my last 30mg to get back my life, my gf, and my focus to get onto the next topic.  If you need something take my suggest and do this…STOP IT.  “script o’ magic addies,” lol you need to make an appointment of some nature.

        p.s  No need to Reply, you will risk fucking with my Orange Oval Awesome Supply!  Cheers


    3. guest says:

      I wish there was a dislike button for you and your comment.  LOL

    4. Shaneroo13 says:

      Read my above comment. I hope you really are not a doctor.

      1. A_Real_MD says:

        A quick google search comes up with nothing in this country for Philip K. Stanton, save his comment on this article.  I highly doubt this person is a psychiatrist, or a medical doctor of any sort given his naive views on treatment of ADHD, or treatment refractory depression for that matter, using medications of the stimulant class.  And such absurdity recommending a book about someone kicking high dose corticosteroids – like can we say totally different area?!!  Wonder if he hopes the companies producing prednisone will run short so that the many people surviving on them with life threatening inflammatory diseases can transform their minds too…

      2. Dlt2503 says:

        Thank you doctor well said!!

    5. Ggmnga says:

      I guess if you don’t need to function properly in the important aspects of your life – e.g. making a living –  then the Dr’s contention that no one actually “needs” medication for ADD would be correct.   There are certainly varying degrees of ADD, and looking back through my life I can see where a so-called lesser degree held me back in many things.  I used to laugh at ADD jokes until over time I became – literally – unable to function and was finally formally diagnosed as an adult.  And hey…I still do have a sense of humor about my ADD  because sometimes you just have to laugh or you’ll cry.  But until those of  you making light of this issue have walked a few miles in my shoes, I don’t think you have any standing to chime in as some of  you have. 

      For those of you who think those of us suffering from ADD are just lazy, look up a recent Dr. Oz program where he confirmed through MRI photos that there are some pretty extreme & identifiable differences between the brain of a “normal” person and a person with ADD.

      Having said that, I’ve read that certain diets can minimize the effects of ADD (Change your body, change your mind advocate on PBS who treats his ADD patients by eliminating certain foods from their diets). Personally, I’d prefer not to have to take medication, and I’ve ordered his books to see if I can make this work for me. 

      As for those of you who are depleting the Adderall supply just to get a “buzz-on” or to stay up studying all night, you should study earlier and leave the medication for those of us who truly rely on it to function every day.  Poetic justice for you all would be for you to truly begin to suffer from a severe form of ADD or ADHD and wrestle with the inability to secure the proper medication.

    6. Teacher says:

      You are a fool if you think that people do not NEED this drug.  Without this prescription,  I am unable to complete normal daily tasks due to lack of focus.  It must be nice to be able to read and comprehend a book without meds, or finish daily tasks and chores within a reasonable time frame.  Walk a day in the shoes of an ADD or ADHD person and then make snide comments about whether or  not people actually NEED this drug.

    7. Dr. House says:

      Don’t be an idiot.

      No one “needs” chemotherapy either.You can choose  to die.

      You need X to achieve Y.
      There are people that need amphetamines (X) to function-normally (Y) .
      There are other people that need amphetamines to (illegally) enhance their otherwise normal function.

      Let’s pretend the fairtale story of FS&ND is real, it  took “Joe Cross” /over ten years/ to learn how to cope with his deficiencies. Without drugs in the interim he would be “failing to thrive”, living in squalor, jobless, homeless, et. al. (Though he’d probably be thin, not fat, due to starvation.) He certainly wouldn’t be making movies.

      – Dr. House

      PS You sound like a bitch-wife telling her husband ‘he has hands’ and no one “needs” sex.The implication of which, is she thinks /survival/ is an acceptable quality-of-life target target for her husband (as opposed to, say, thriving or *gasps* happiness) which is a lower target than what she sets /for the dog/.
      If you cannot find your brains, please at least find your balls.

    8. Debdrunner says:

      your a jerk!

    9. Moomoo92567 says:

      R u serious. Take high doses of a steroid 4 10 years. U r not a Dr. The effects of that type of treatment could cause sever damage to ur organs n bones.

    10. Ldmitch99 says:

      Dr. , Do you mean like Dr. Dree or Dr. Pepper ? If you were about to have brain surgery (which maybe you should consider) and you learned the surgeon had ran out of his prescription of adderall 2 weeks earlier, would you recommend he take 10 years and restore his mind before completing your surgery or would you whip out out your pad and get him an emergency prescription ?

      Be honest dr.

      1. Dlt2503 says:

        Love it!!!!! Great minds think alike so glad that the fine doctor over here is the only person with his head up his ass!!! Good lord I truly hope he isn’t a real md with real patients. Because I would be extremely concerned for their well being if that were the case!!

    11. Patrick says:

      Going to assume that the “Dr” is not an MD.  

      And I’m going to say STFU.  It may be overprescribed, but there are people who do need it, if they hope to accomplish ANYTHING.  

    12. Markkengle says:

      Hey Dr. Dumbass,
      I was prescribed this drug at the age of 44, and it changed my life. No more countless hours attempting to finish the task at hand, no more losing everything, no more angry outbursts……, you have obviously never been the victim of ADHD.  MAO inhibitors make me suicidal, and this is the only drug I have found to work……
      Did you get your medical degree at Sears, or Penny’s? 

    13. Dlt2503 says:

      Prednisone & adderall are two totally different things. So before you try to diagnose the entire country maybe you should take into consideration that it’s not a medication you can simply lay down & walk away from without serious withdrawal symptoms!! Yes some do abuse a lot of medications out there. But doctors over prescribe hundreds of medications everyday to unsuspecting patients. Or to mothers who have children with legitimate behavior disorders. These poor women are usually at the end of their rope trying to figure out how to help their child! Which society teaches us that we are supposed to trust these doctors to a fault even! Most people wouldn’t suspect that the doctor was doing anything other than what is in the patients best interest. When in reality half the time they don’t give a flip about the patient. They are simply doing what the drug reps have bribed them to do! So Dr. Philip Stanton I would suggest you not criticize anyone for anything that you can say for certain is true! Yes there are drug dealers & drug addicts. But not everyone that is prescribed a medication of some type is an addict. It’s no different that someone being diabetic & having to take insulin to survive. Or someone who has Parkinsons Disease & having to take whatever medication they need to help with tremors. Yes herbal & all natural supplements are helpful. But that can only help you so much before you have to consult an actual physician & get the prescribed medication for your particular illness. Everybody’s illnesses are not all exactly the same. They aren’t all textbook cases either. Everyone that is diagnosed with the same illness will react differently to the same medication. Things like allergies & other factors like that play a big roll in which medication is right for you personally. But no matter what the illness, disease, syndrome, ect, everyone reacts differently therefore not everyone can rely on herbal or all natural “pills”. Not to mention whether they continue to manufacture this medication or not isn’t going to change the fact that some people are going to abuse prescriptions. That will never stop it could be prescribed or even illegal. One way other another some people are going to always be looking for their next high. May it OTC, prescribed, or smuggle across the border. Addicts will always be a major part of the population on this planet. But it isn’t my place or anyone else’s to judge or criticize them for what they do. In the end they will have to deal with the consequences of their own decisions that I am certain of!!

    14. trish 2 says:

      Just because you haven’t needed it doesn’t mean that it’s out of the realm of possibility to need it.

    15. Hairart33 says:

      Obviously you are a want to be doctor that could not make it in med school.  No respectable doctor would say lets focus on natural things!  You idiot that’s the problem is focusing.  Listen smart ass I do not wish this onto anyone to have this upside down mind thinking 100 miles per hour day and night no time to relate without anger knocking towards the front on the mind.  Let me ask you a question isn’t it true doctors supposedly like yourself kept natural healing holistic out of business “hum”.  Is it because maybe you would have lost business due to natural medicine.  How hypercritical of you.   Remember this people that are ADD or ADHD are successful and 3/4 are running this country.  Get a real job.

    16. Cassie says:

      I had brain tests. i had heats tests, just to see if i was able to use adderall. im on XR so i can get thru my school day with out failing. my grades went from 60-70’s to now being high 80’s to low 90’s. yes i need this drug, but im not addicted to it.

    17. ks000 says:

      I think several others stated it well so I’ll just post agreeement, and disagreement with the “Dr.”.  I was diagnosed with adult ADD about 6 years ago and spent about a year working with a real (and reasonable) doctor trying to settle on the right medication(s) and dosage.  After multiple, horrible, experiences, I found that basic amphetamine salts were just what I needed.  Suddenly… clarity.  Markkengle got it right about completing the task at hand, no more losing stuff, and keeping yourself in check.  I don’t get HIGH, I get NORMAL.  Concerned about whether or not I really “needed it”, I’ve slowly backed off it multiple times in the last couple years with my doctor’s guidance.  EVERY time, I found I was better off on it than not.  Recently, I’ve had trouble filling my prescription and have had to ration MYSELF.  This is a horrible feeling, trying to decide when I can allow myself to be normal and when I have to endure for the sake of not running out.  Usually, I end up taking it only for work.  My wife will testify that it makes the weekends challenging.  The “Creative Classes” are a no more than selfish drug abusers (a.k.a. criminals) that cast an undeserved shadow on people in need.

  6. Shaneroo13 says:

    I will be very honest with you MR Stanton, this drug has helped my life immensely. I am more productive at work, I can finish telling a story to my friends without stuttering and getting distracted, I don’t forget things, it increases my focus, heightens my social skills, makes me more productive…..the list goes on.

    Don’t you say that I do not need it. My life is actually going well for me for once in my damn lifetime. I am becoming more and more successful reaching the capabilities I KNEW I had in me. However, I had something that was holding me back. Yes, I agree that many doctors diagnose ADHD in cases they should not, but some of us DO have a problem. Mental illness is an illness just like anything else. One of my friends threatened to kill themselves last night. Why? Depression. Anxiety. In my case what caused this was the lack of focus in my school work… going from one thing to another.

     This is the most ignorant thing I have ever read in my life. If you really do have a PHD you can take all that school and shove it up your ass.

  7. Shaneroo13 says:

    Sorry if I accidentally replied to you Mark.

  8. mickey says:

    It’s in the stars,stay naturally geeked,welcome to the fast lane tiger pups

  9. The Adderall panic of 2011! It’s a worse problem than BIKE LANES.” The Transom can’t agree more, finding it more and more difficult to focus every day, and then sometimes Tumblr goes down, and the pretzel bowls go empty, …

  10. Jeresr says:

    It’s all about the money.  My pharmacist said to watch what happens here.  The companies that make the generic drug are basically slowing production and will stop making it for a number of months to get through some regulatory “loophole” with the FDA.  Once they do, they can then turn around and reintroduce it on the market at 5 – 6 times the cost.  It doesn’t matter that people suffer because they stop making it.  They see the demand going up and instead of keeping the same profit margins and generating profits from higher production, they want more.  Why?  Because they can.

  11. GAHHHHH says:

    Adderall is over prescribed in my opinion. ADD/ADHD is OVERDIAGNOSED. My previous psychiatrist allowed me to weasel him into giving me a prescription AND increase my dosage when I was diagnosed with Bipolar II… NOT ADHD, NOT DEPRESSION, the two ONLY FDA approved uses for the drug. I used it to ace my tests, which worked, but I can do that without Adderall. I was already very addicted to Xanax among other drugs (which I weaseled my way into getting prescribed) and the Adderall was the second most gripping substance. I think it is atrocious that the youth of this country actually ROMANTICIZE ADD/ADHD. It is a serious issue when one is diagnosed and is not to be taken jokingly or lightly. This drug should be more carefully monitored. When I was in the HOSPITAL for my withdrawals the psychiatrist there was appalled that a fellow psychiatrist would even prescribe any of these drugs with someone with such a history as mine and my age alone. (Oh yeah, went to rehab, had to drop out of school, no life… etc.) It is a narcotic, used for recreation by many… if you take Adderall because you cannot focus on schoolwork, and then you do not DO your schoolwork anyway, why are you taking it? Think about it. I feel sympathy for those who are truly diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or major depression that require the drug to rid of functional impairment and symptoms, yet I do not feel any woe for those who do the same as I had, obtaining the drug unethically and for their own recreational use. 

  12. Hiyourecute says:

    “Brian” = “Foster”

  13. Poopooplatter says:

    watch the south park episode on kids with ADD…funny but true i think.

  14. aetherius says:

    “Apocolypse?” Seriously?! Who’s the editor here? I demand a refund.

  15. Michel Mcfadden says:

    I went to 3 different pharmacies and called 3 different places to try and get my script filled for the first time in 9 months(didnt take it while pregnant) and NO WHERE has it! This is the first time I’ve heard about this shortage. I guess my doctor doesn’t know about this.

  16. Mon says:

    Brian, an adult prescribed Adderall:  “BIKELANES!!!!”

    Me, an adult prescribed Adderall:  HAHAHAH

    Coicidence?  I love it.  :D

  17. Anonymus says:

    i have ADD. all my life teachers told my parents i was “very sweet, but always in La La Land.” my father, who also is believed to have ADD is also on adderall. he works for a living.. and my brother who was diagnosed with ADHD is on a type of adderall. when i discovered adderall XR,  i had an EEG and an EKG to see if i could take the pill. it came up fine and now im having it taken away from me? this is crazy. my grades before using adderall were failing to almost 70’s. now in high school, my grade are honor roll status. iim not dependent on the drug, but i do use it when needed. This is just crazy. the people who abuse it should be punnished, the others who ACTUALLY NEED IT shouldnt be punnished also.crazy

  18. Nat says:

    This is the most stupid thing I ever heard.  My grand-daughter was just given a prescription and no one has it.  What are people to do?  She is failing in school and it makes me sick that this is going on!

  19. TK1213 says:

    I have to be honest- this seems a lot like  a ploy to get folks switched over to the more expensive and, not available in generic extended release tablets.  I am in my mid-30’s, have 3 kids and started taking it a year ago.  Changed my life for the better.  I took half the recommended dosage- 5 mg (1 tablet scored) twice a day and none on the weekends the kids were at their dads- really who cares if I can’t think straight if I have time off and no immediate responsibilities for 3 athletic practices, music lessons, kids and my homework, house and a job?  I had to bump up to 7.5 in the am and 3.75 in the afternoon because only 15mg were available.  I have to say this is BS.  If I can focus long enough- I’m calling my representative.

  20. Dgtrosado03 says:

    This shortage has resulted in me trying other meds for my adhd. Lets just say I’m suffering. I cant sleep and this substitute med makes me shake and stuff my face with sweets. I have been told four different stores from different pharmacies. Some say end if Dec they should have adderall, other say end Jan and one told me march. It very frustrating when not never the pharmacies can give you a straight answer. Not to mention this medication I’m currently taking has changed my mood significantly. I’m truly being a bitch for no reason. I’m trying hard not to allow thus mood change but at times I snap. Please get thus crisis under control.

  21. Abbeypimentel says:

    I’ve never been to NYC but my husband is from Queens. From what he describes and what I’ve read and seen on TV, I couldn’t imagine being without my aderall. I think I’d be in tears within a half hour due to my absent minded brain causing everyone to yell at me!

  22. Babylon informer says:

    It’s legal meth If you can’t tell by the article..