The Morning Read: Behind the Chase, Bracing for Fallout

Mission Accomplished: “The raid was the culmination of years of painstaking intelligence work.” [New York Times]

Mission Accomplished: “[M]ade possible after Guantanamo prison camp detainees four years ago identified a courier who worked for bin Laden. [Erik Ortiz]

Mission Accomplished: Bin Laden hadn’t been a top goal for US in a long time. [WSJ]

Mission Accomplished: Watching it live. [Helen Kennedy]

Mission Accomplished: “It’s like Saratoga or Gettysburg,” said Schumer. [Corky Siemaszko]

Popularity: Molinaro predicts Obama’s poll numbers goes from the 40s to the 60s. [Tom Wrobleski]

Popularity: “Politically, there can be no argument Obama has been helped. [Thomas DeFrank]

Popularity: The boost will be fleeting. [Carole Lee and Janet Hook]

Threats: City braces for fallout. [Sean Gardiner]

Threats: “[C]ertainly not taking any chances. [Adam Lisberg]

Cuomo’s Agenda: Pushing property tax cap and ethics reform. [Joe Spector and Cara Matthews]

Cuomo’s Agenda: Backs higher tuition at major SUNY schools. [Thomas Kaplan]

Cuomo’s Agenda: Editors unhappy he’s not pushing to change teacher seniority rules. [NY Post]

Finance Mistake: During Council hearing ,NYC Finance Commissioner admits mistake in home assessments. [David Seifman]

Blind Item: Some Republican made fun of Donald Trump. [Page Six]

The Morning Read: Behind the Chase, Bracing for Fallout