‘The Towns Ten’ Revealed; Congressman Says ‘My Fight For Brooklyn’s Future Continues’

ed towns laughing The Towns Ten Revealed; Congressman Says My Fight For Brooklyns Future ContinuesAccording to several sources who attended the Kings County Democratic Executive Committee last night, the following ten district leaders voted for Congressman Ed Towns in his losing effort against City Councilmember Erik Dilan:

  1. Olanike Alabi
  2. Annette Robinson
  3. Chris Owens
  4. Robert Cornegy
  5. Darlene Mealy
  6. Joanne Simon
  7. Lincoln Restler
  8. Earl Williams
  9. Dov Hikind
  10. Sharon Fuchs

Most of Towns’ support comes from the anti-Vito Lopez reformer-bloc of the Brooklyn Democratic Party as well as from African-American officials who work in or near his Congressional district, although it is worth pointing out that many from Towns’ district ended up voting for Dilan.

We do not have a full roll-call vote for Dilan, since a handful of district leaders were not present.

Meanwhile, Towns is out with a statement congratulating Dilan on his victory, and pledging that his focus now is on serving the constituents of his Congressional district:

“I would like to congratulate Councilman Erik Dilan for his election as the District Leader for the 54th Assembly District.  I will support his efforts — as I support every District Leader in the 10th Congressional District — because when we work together, Brooklyn succeeds.

“My fight for Brooklyn’s future continues. From the millions of dollars in annual investments I have secured for Brooklyn to the Urban Jobs Act that I introduced this past February, I remained focused on building a better Brooklyn.

“The Tenth Congressional District of New York has entrusted me with a distinct honor to serve as their U.S. Representative in Congress. That responsibility will remain the focus of my efforts. As I remain connected to citizens, constituent groups and business leaders in Brooklyn, I am focused on the priorities and issues facing residents.

“In the coming weeks, I will be conducting a series of listening tours that will directly engage with constituents about pertinent local and national issues.”