Trump Sinking in Polls

Of all the unflattering numbers in today’s Rasmussen Report, this one, I think, is most damaging to Donald Trump:

In a match-up with President Obama, Trump trails the incumbent by 15 points, 49% to 34%. Regardless of which Republican is matched against the president, Obama earns between 42% and 49% support. Trump doesn’t run as well against the president as the top tier of GOP candidates.

Having Obama hover at or below 50 percent means there’s an opening for a GOP candidate — any candidate, really. And without being able to argue that Trump is uniquely positioned to take on Obama in the general, there’s even less of a reason for primary voters to forgive his less-than-loyal political history.

Trump, who is the father-in-law of Observer publisher Jared Kushner, is defiant. An aide brushed off the latest controversy — to have him removed as celebrity race car driver at the Indianapolis 500 — saying it is politically motivated. 

Donald TrumpDonald Trump. Photograph by Michele Asselin

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