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With site outages at both Tumblr and 4Chan accusations are flying fast and furious. Betabeat is collecting what shreds of evidence we can. Stayed tuned.

6:19 PM – Tumblr appears to be back up and running. That’s enough drama for one day.

5:55 PM – 4chan still throwing 503 error, not a peep from the company Twttr.

5:38 PM – An impassioned plea from a user torn between two sides. “Alright, can’t we leave each other alone? I use both tumblr and /b/. I think both sites are wonderful (or lack thereof). And this whole everyone trying to DDoS everyone else thing is getting annoying. I can’t load /b/ pages nor tumblr pages, and it really just pisses me off. Who cares if one steals memes from the other, THEY ARE MEMES. Honestly I don’t think anyone cares. Just go about your day as you normally would on tumblr or /b/, and just don’t mind the other.”
thank you for your time.”

And the respond – “Being reasonable is unreasonable on 4Chan.”

5:31 PM – We emailed Tumblr an hour ago to ask if there was any evidence of an attack from 4chan that may have occurred at the same time as the hardware failure–the company has not responded. We reached out by tweet to 4chan, which by contrast does not have a designated communications employee, and are anxiously awaiting an update. 4chan’s Chris Poole has in the past made an effort to prevent his users from attacking Tumblr by censoring posts that call for aggression.

5:28 PM – Here’s a post on Tumblr from yesterday with an I.P. address and instructions on how to DDOS 4chan. But the address is for Tumblr! The post has only five notes so it’s unlikely that Tumblr users DDOS’ed themselves thinking they were DDOS’ing 4chan. You need volume for this kind of thing.

5:17 PM – We pinged the I.P. address identified as the target in the screenshot below, and the response time was 37ms–not that bad. Tumblr is also back up.

5:00 PM –  Hat tip to Reddit.

4:53 PM – Some muddled reports of a DDOS attack by 4chan on Tumblr are coming in, and 4chan is throwing up some 503 errors. Gawker’s Adrian Chen says there’s a back-and-forth battle between pranksters on the sites who are trying to flood each other off the internet with their weapon of choice, overwhelming traffic–but Tumblr says its downtime today was not caused by an attack. We’re awaiting a response from both sites on whether there is any evidence of meddling.

4:41 PM – Today’s downtime was unrelated to the roll-out of its share buttons, which happened around the same time; and was not the result of a malicious attack by 4chan, as was speculated by some in the Twttrvrs and the blogosphere.  “Two hardware failures in the same database cluster have dramatically lowered performance for those blogs. Recovery is moving quickly,” Tumblr says.

Tumblr & 4Chan – A Running Rumor Blog