Vera Wang, Interrupted: Peggy Siegal Breaks Bin Laden News at Socialite Soiree

For some, the news broke on Sunday night via fashion gadfly Derek Blasberg’s Twitter feed: “Film publicist Peggy Seigel [sic] just barged into Vera Wang’s living room to announce bin Laden is dead.” This was some time after Mr. Blasberg was raving to The Transom about the YSL shoes that designer Stefano Pilati once gave him; we were among those gathered in Ms. Wang’s Park Avenue apartment not to hear Ms. Siegal’s triumphant message, but for a post-premiere dinner after a screening of L’Amour Fou, a documentary about Yves Saint Laurent and his former lover Pierre Bergé.

The evening, French in theme, was filled with wedding-dazed guests suffering a distinctly British hangover. Royal milliner Philip Treacy expressed surprise that many Americans didn’t quite get the serpentine, beribboned topper he’d designed for Princess Beatrice.
“Hats are provocateurs-but it’s a little bow!” he insisted. “She’s like a little Victorian doll!” America, he added, is a nation of hat-wearers despite itself: “America isn’t seeing what it’s looking at-the baseball cap is so elegant! I wish I designed the baseball cap. Ethnic communities wear hats, rappers wear hats, policemen wear hats! Walking down the street in America–I’ve never seen so many hats in my life.”

We asked hostess Vera Wang what she thought of the royal dress, to which she replied: “You didn’t listen to my six hours of commentary on CNN?” :: @DPD_