We Are NY Tech–Profiles of Local Techsters–Hits 2K Followers; Planning Job Listings

wearenytech We Are NY Tech  Profiles of Local Techsters  Hits 2K Followers; Planning Job Listings

We Are NY Tech/Simande team

We Are NY Tech, the blog that has featured a profile of someone in the New York tech scene every day since November 13 and which was praised as “democratic, wonderful to look at and read, and is exactly the kind of service we need in NYC” by Fred Wilson, just hit 2,000 followers on Twitter.

More than 150 New Yorkers have been featured so far on the site, designed by the creative WeWork-based shop Simande and managed by founder Matt Shampine, who still writes the questions, picks the subjects and posts them to the site. (Note: He objected when we tried to give him credit. “It was a team effort to put it together,” he said.)

The profiles are just the beginning. We Are NY Tech is also hosting a panel about the local tech industry for Internet Week and putting together a “highly-curated” job board that will launch in the next few weeks, Mr. Shampine told Betabeat.