You Must Remember This: ‘The Thin Man’ Returns–With Who at the Helm?

So much happens in culture each day–how to keep it all straight? Time to test your memory!

–Which director, his career a study in the concept of “diminishing returns,” is bringing back The Thin Man franchise?

–What’s YouTube’s nefarious plan to steal your money?

–Which private citizen and charity activist just inked a deal for another reality show?

–Which network morning show is suffering worse turmoil even than Meredith Vieira leaving Today, and may be seeking to recreate the plot of romantic comedy Morning Glory (if only Rachel McAdams could solve everything!)?

–Which “best media writer at the NYT [sic]” purportedly seduces men (or, at least, man) by asking them Shakespearean riddles? (Hint: not David Carr.)

–Which New York-based weekly features the following stories today: a sensitive story of the plight of an Asian-American seeking to overcome stereotypes, and a first-person sex column featuring the line, “He tells me he’s in the mood for Chinese. He tells me I still have twenty minutes to change my mind before he starts to help himself.”

–Speaking of! Essay question: Untangle the annoyance of cabaret performer Justin Bond over that publication’s pronoun use. :: @DPD_