Millionaire Start-Up YouAre.TV, Pivot-Child of Fallen Facebook Competitor CollegeOnly, Seeks CTO

youaretv and alexis o Millionaire Start Up YouAre.TV, Pivot Child of Fallen Facebook Competitor CollegeOnly, Seeks CTO

Reddit/Hipmunk’s Alexis Ohanian with YouAre.TV’s Josh Weinstein and Ben Mack. Photo:


YouAre.TV is the reborn version of CollegeOnly, the social network, video roulette and Facebook alternative for which fresh-faced founder Josh Weinstein raised $1.15 million from Peter Thiel, David Tisch, David Kidder, FirstMark Capital and other funds in the summer of 2010.

College Hype failed to catch on due to a combination of overhype and errors with the product design, so Mr. Weinstein decided to switch tacks. He launched YouAre.TV, technology that enables a frenetic, wacky interactive version of web television, at the New York Tech Meetup. Betabeat rated it “delightful-unmarketable” In its current iteration.

Now the General Assembly-based start-up is looking for a chief technology officer or lead developer to complement the hustle of its young founder.

“Previous company product iterations featured in dozens of major publications and garnered tens of thousands of users,” the ad says. “VC-backed + angels include Peter Thiel and David Tisch. In discussion with major players in the entertainment space, partnerships/investment pending launch.”

Web show host Aspen Steib left the start-up in April; YouAre.TV is currently a placeholder.