10 Monetization Tips for The New York Times, Using Start-Up Logic

david carr 10 Monetization Tips for The New York Times, Using Start Up Logic

Timesman and Twitter hero David Carr.

Betabeat recently saw Page One, a documentary about the death of journalism as related by the reporters on The New York Times media desk, and we realized that, much like many web start-ups, the Times and other news organizations are racing to come up with a viable business model before it’s too late. Sequoira is floating Tumblr; Carlos Slim is floating the Times.

And considering Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh have all pledged to help the news industry monetize its users, we decided to apply start-up logic to the Times’s problem:

10. Find out the number of cat pictures on the site. Double it.

9. Marketing. Swag, promoted tweets and oversized Times Square billboards are important.

8. Give away iPads. Now readers can buy the Times app.

7. Badges. The Huffington Post has them.

6. Add a daily deal–wait! They did!

5. Submit to AngelList.

4. No bites on AngelList? Hm. Put up a Kickstarter.

3. Kickstarter flopped? No problem! Do an IPO.

2. IPO a no-go? Try an API.

1. Advertising.