3D-Printed Plastic Bikini–$250 and Supposedly Comfortable

shapeways bikini 3D Printed Plastic Bikini  $250 and Supposedly Comfortable

Plastic bikini from Shapeways/Continuum.



Ladies, you can now order a plastic bikini from Shapeways. “It’s solid plastic, but its strength allows it to be printed as thin as .7 mm, and it can make springs that bend and stretch,” the designers say, which is “flexible” and “comfortably wearable,” and waterproof, because it’s made of Shapeways’s Strong & Flexible plastic, also known as selective laser sintered nylon. Hm… looks pinchy.

3d bikini 3D Printed Plastic Bikini  $250 and Supposedly ComfortableShapeways thinks there is a lot of potential for 3-D printed materials in the fashion industry. The bikini, a collaboration between the Union Square Ventures-funded 3-D printing shop and New York-based boutique design shop Continuum, and took months to model and design.

There is a video about the project on the Continuum blog.