Adam Moss Teases Us With Riches Beyond Riches–Frank Rich, That Is!

Adam Moss just wants to tell you about his new hire! (Patrick McMullan)

Adam Moss just wants to tell you about his new hire! (Patrick McMullan)

In today’s Socratic dialogue between Adam Moss and Frank Rich on New York‘s Daily Intel, the esteemed editor teases his new star writer’s forthcoming contributions to the magazine.

“When you came over to New York, we said we’d try a weekly dialogue of some sort. Right now you’re closing next week’s cover story and we haven’t figured out how these dialogues are going to work, but I thought maybe we’d sneak a kind of trial one in, given the passage into law in New York of gay marriage.”

Right, this is just a normal way an editor talks to his writer. Just reminding him that he’s closing a cover story, in case he forgot! No one here but us two professional media types, chewin’ the fat.

The substance of the conversation–regarding gay marriage in New York as well as national politics and literature–is interesting (the text is unInternetishly dense!), but is inflected with an inside-baseball-ism that has seemed the tenor for our daily reading since the New York Times Magazine‘s relaunch under former New York staffer Hugo Lindgren, with its crediting editors and its blogged updates on (purported) inner workings. A magazine hired a writer! His writing will be good or it will not! The sneak-peek at the fact that he is writing for them reveals nothing other than the fact that the inner workings of New York are so uniquely interesting to Adam Moss that he cannot contain himself. Readers, waiting for the cover story they knew was coming from the full-page ads, might be forgiven for remembering a time when the weekly Frank Rich column was an expectation, not cause for exultation.