After a Month in NYC, Real-Time Marketplace Zaarly Is Still Dead

zaarly infographic After a Month in NYC, Real Time Marketplace Zaarly Is Still Dead

About a month ago, Betabeat logged into the newly-launched Zaarly, an Ashton Kutcher and Mike Arrington investment that connects individual buyers and sellers in a design-y real-time Craigslist. It launched to much fanfare at South By Southwest. But we tried to get a pack of gum delivered to our offices, where the tech team stays sharp by chewing an inhuman amount of Dentyne Ice, for which we were willing to pay a handsome $10.

No dice on the Ice from Zaarly, though, or any of the other listings–there were maybe 10–we saw on the site, requests for dog-walking and Starbucks delivery. Yesterday Zaarly announced $1 million in transactions over the month–but today Zaarly is surfacing just six listings for us in Manhattan, including requests for a used iPad and black Verizon iPhone 4. Despite the company’s 700-some Twitter followers in New York, there seems to be a rather severe shortage on both the buyers’ and sellers’ sides.

That’s bad news considering New York is one of Zaarly’s seven “core cities” targeted for maximum traction. Has anyone successfully used Zaarly for anything?