Alec Baldwin’s Political Experience

The Daily reported yesterday that Alec Baldwin is considering running for mayor, a leak that set off frenzied speculation about his political prospects.

But lest anyone worry about how the political neophyte would perform on the campaign trail, a reader points out that Baldwin is no stranger to politics.

As a junior at George Washington University in 1979, the actor–who went by Alex–campaigned for student body president on “a platform that declared GW had ‘one of the most pitiable public relations operations of any university in America,'” according to the school’s historical encyclopedia. “The University has never made a respectable effort at explaining what ‘Master Plan’ means; what the university budget surplus is all about; where your Marvin Center fee goes; what the role of the Board of Trustees is at GW,” he said.

Baldwin ran under the slogan “One Man Can Make A Difference,” and in his race, indeed it did: he ended up losing a chance to get into a run-off by a single vote.

If Baldwin runs for mayor, he may want to sign-on some crack election lawyers for the effort.

The GW website states:

Following the election… a campaign worker for Baldwin insisted that election violations took place that led to Alec’s loss. The most serious allegations were against the Aloe campaign, and involved his supporters allegedly electioneering near polling stations inside Thurston Hall. They where accused of engaging in “lobbying activities to the detriment of Alex Baldwin.” Also, many of the poll workers had also been involved in the campaigns of the various candidates. This was described as a “blatant and pervasive conflict of interest,” and led to an influx of petitions alleging campaign violations and claims that the Elections Committee was derelict in its duties.

The resulting kerfuffle led to accusations of “sour grapes” from a campus newspaper. Those grapes turned out to be sour enough that Baldwin promptly left the school, heading to NYU the next year to pursue his acting career.