Anthony Weiner Admits to Numerous Inappropriate Online Trysts

weiner admission Anthony Weiner Admits to Numerous Inappropriate Online Trysts

Image from CBS news

Weinergate came to a dramatic close this afternoon. The New York Congressman admitted to having sent inappropriate and X-rated messages and pictures to as many as six women he met on Facebook and Twitter.

The crotch shot that began the entire affair, says Weiner, was intended as a direct message. Realizing what he had done, Weiner says he panicked, and decided to claim he was hacked.

“This is a deep weakness and I have hurt the ones that I love,” said Rep. Weiner.  “Some of these relationships date back as far as three years.”

Weiner says his wife knew about these online relationships since before they were married.

It’s not much of a tech story, so for readers who feel Betabeat is chasing tabloid headlines, we apologize. At the same time, these seem to be relationships that began on social networks and were carried out online. It is a product of the modern age.

“As I said in my statement, I never had any physical relationship with these women, I was never in the same room with them.”

Asked if any of these women were underage, Weiner said that, “All I know about them is what they publish on social media.” He noted that this was one danger of his actions.

“I never met these women and I never had any desire to,” he said.

Social media, he said, made the actions seem more trivial than he realized once the story became public.

“I don’t believe I did anything that violates any law or rule of Congress. I do not intend to resign.”

At one point, a reporter in the audience shouted to ask whether the representative thought all congressmen should delete their Twitter accounts.

There is nothing inherently wrong with social media, Weiner said. “What I did with accounts was wrong.”