As Shuttle Flights End, Foursquare Sending One Lucky Check-In to Outer Space

nasa badge As Shuttle Flights End, Foursquare Sending One Lucky Check In to Outer Space

A badge worth printing

Dennis Crowley is always saying that the original idea behind Dodgeball and Foursquare was to get people away from their computers. Checking in was a way to influence and encourage real world exploration.

Now Foursquare is partnering with ubiquitous mini-mart 7-11 to send one lucky user on a commercial space flight. The 888,888th person to log their location in front of the Slushee machine will win a free trip to the beyond. A bunch of other folks will win tickets to see J.J. Abraham’s new sci-fi flick Super 8.

The grand prizee won’t get the chance to log the first check-in from space, as that honor was claimed by NASA astronaut Douglas H. Wheelock, who used Foursquare to check-in to space last October. The sad irony is that the final space shuttle launch funded by the U.S. government is scheduled for today, after which our astronauts will be forced to hitch a ride with the Russians. So for all the young dreamers out there hoping to exit the earth’s atmosphere, this promotional contest is kind of the only hope. That or make enough dough to afford a seat on a tourist trip into space, which starts in the low seven figures.