Bachmann, Clinton, Palin: Who’s Cracking the Glass Ceiling Hardest?

A glass ceiling.

A glass ceiling.

In light of this morning’s New York Times acknowledgment that a candidate in the Republican field for 2012 is a woman–“Mrs. Bachmann’s rivals,” we are told, “will have to find ways to disagree with Mrs. Bachmann without being accused of making subtle references to her gender”–we decided to look back at how many times the phrase “glass ceiling” appears in that paper in reference to a variety of would-be glass-ceiling-busters. (If it were broken, would we still be calling Ms. Bachmann “Mrs.?”

Give it time, Ms./Mrs./Rep./Congresswoman Bachmann. You can stretch this run into infinite think pieces if you have enough funding! :: @DPD_


  1. The glass ceiling is not longer made of glass, but it is still a ceiling.