Bloomberg Kiddo's Sister Act: Georgina's 'A Circuit' May Just Be a Roman à Clef

Emma Bloomberg, with dad Michael Bloomberg.

Emma Bloomberg, with dad Michael Bloomberg.

The Observer ran into mayoral daughter Emma Bloomberg at the recent Prize4Life gala, and asked her for a review of her sister Georgina’s new novel, The A Circuit, said to be a roman à clef. “I’m very proud of her,” said the elder Ms. Bloomberg.

Asked whether she’d ever write a novel of her own, she replied, “It’s not something I’m currently considering.” We’ve heard that before.

As for character Rick Aaronson’s similarities to Mayor Bloomberg—about which Georgina Bloomberg, in the Times, at least, has been coy—Emma, who has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Princeton, noted, “I think if you ask most authors, their first book has a tendency to be somewhat autobiographical.” :: @DPD_

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