Caterina Fake’s New Start-Up Will Not Be In New York, Has Already Pissed Off Michael Arrington

caterina head Caterina Fakes New Start Up Will Not Be In New York, Has Already Pissed Off Michael ArringtonIt looks like New York has lost one for good—or at least as long as it takes build a “consumer-facing,” “social” start-up with “optimal founder-market fit!” Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake, who signed an agreement to leave Hunch, the recommendation engine she co-founded with Chris Dixon, just blogged that she will be launching her new company from across the country in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco.

Ms. Fake didn’t divulge any more details about the business itself, aside from a link to join her mailing list and become a beta tester. But she did shout out to a long list of investors, including her own New York-based fund Founder Collective, True Ventures, SV Angel, and friends like Square COO and angel investor Keith Rabois.

It was rumored that Ms. Fake left Hunch because of irreconcilable differences with Mr. Dixon. However, her post, which linked back to Mr. Dixon pontificating on that aforementioned “founder-market fit,” seemed like a friendly detente. That is, until Michael Arrington got involved.

In a scathing post on TechCrunch, Mr. Arrington railed on Ms. Fake for breaking the news of her own funding on her own blog. The problem, he says, is that this is the second time he’s reached out to her first as a courtesy before publishing, and the second time she’s scooped him by publishing the information he called to confirm before he could publish it on TechCrunch. Not only did Mr. Arrington demote Ms. Fake into a category of  entrepreneurs “I don’t trust so much” and promise that “Fake won’t be getting any calls from me in the future to give her a heads up that we’re breaking news about her startup,” but he also called her a liar. Repeatedly. Then he makes sure to hint that Ms. Fake left Hunch in “an extremely sordid situation” before backtracking with, “I’m still not going to write about why Fake really left Hunch, because it’s not something that should be written.”

Lesson to entrepreneurs: Mr. Arrington’s courtesy has its limitations.


  1. Nonya says:


    So, does anyone know the real reason why she left Hunch, or is everyone just going to rail about the TC dropdown?

    1. Anonymous says:

      word is she and chris dated, broke up, and couldn’t work together anymore. word also is, hunch is doomed. so it could be either of those.

      1. langer says:

        Haha, way to be anonymous, Anonymous!

      2. Anonymous says:

        ZING! Nailed it!

      3. Nonya says:

        Sigh. Whatever happened to upholding the  #1 rule of engagement: Don’t shit where you eat!

  2. langer says:

    Isn’t the more entertaining thread here that Arrington decided to sit on a story BUT JUST COULDN’T HELP TELLING YOU THAT HE KNOWS SOMETHING YOU DON’T but still even though he knows and—what’s more—now you know he knows but more importantly now HE knows that YOU know that HE knows what you don’t know HE WON’T TELL YOU BECAUSE HE’S BIGGER THAN THAT so he’s just going to keep right on sitting on that story which oh DID I MENTION IT’S SORDID AND KIND OF BLIND-ITEMY?